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  • INSPIRE theme Elevation (bathymetry). Provision of the topography of the seabed in the North and Baltic Sea.

  • INSPIRE theme Water Transport Network (shipping routes). The maritime data of the BSH for INSPIRE Transport Networks describe the water transport network for maritime navigation in the area of responsibility of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) as well as its associated infrastructure facilities.

  • INSPIRE theme Elevation (depth contours). It contains the depth contour of hydrographic surveying.

  • The data set comprises all MSRL-relevant parameters measured by stations of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH).

  • The maritime borders dataset contains the seaward boundaries of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the territorial sea and the baselines. They are condensed coordinates of the maritime border maps 2920 (North Sea) and 2921 (Baltic Sea). They are coordinates compressed (interpolated) to geodetic lines. The distance of the nodes on the geodetic connecting lines of the defined boundary points is less than or equal to 100 m. The maritime borders of Germany were proclaimed in the today no more usual coordinate system "European date 1950 (ED50)". This definition is based in particular on the announcement of the Federal Government's proclamation of 19 October 1994 on the extension of the German territorial sea (BGBl. I p. 3428) and the Federal Republic of Germany's proclamation of 25 November 1994 on the establishment of an exclusive economic zone (BGBl. II p. 3769), which are decisive with regard to the demarcation of the German territorial sea and the German exclusive economic zone. In order to be able to better use these boundaries in today's GIS systems and to avoid conversion errors, the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency has derived the present usage coordinates in WGS 84. In this respect, they are not official maritime borders of Germany.

  • The data set contains tidal current data for the North and Western Baltic Sea based on the predictions of the BSH circulation model BSHcmod.

  • The data cotain geotechnical data of the marine environment from the fields of maritime spatial planning (e. g. spatial development plans of the German Exclusive Economic Zone EEZ and Spatial Offshore Grid Plan (BFO)) and maritime land register (current and future uses).

  • The service contains the published status of the spatial stipulations of the site development plan as an additional source of information. The planning scale of the plan is 1:400,000. The published documents are authoritative. Further information is available atächenentwicklungsplan (only German)

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